If you are looking to improve the security of your home, Bedford Lock & Key can help. Our team can help install a variety of locks for your doors. We can help you secure front, back, and side doors as well as your garage doors. If you need a broken lock fixed, or need locks re-keyed we can help with that as well.

Deadbolt Lock Installation

Deadbolt locks provide extra security and are very affordable. Compared to electronic home security systems, a simple deadbolt lock can effectively protect your home from break-ins at much less cost. Deadbolt locks can either be single-bolt or double-bolt. A single-bolt lock does not require a key to unlock from the inside, whereas a double-bolt lock requires keys on either side of the door to unlock it. Depending on what level of security suits you best, our team can install new deadbolts, fix broken ones, or replace older locks.

Door Knob Lock Maintenance & Replacement

Doorknob locks are one of the most common forms of locks for homes. However, over time locks can accumulate rust and become “sticky”. In that event, our team can help clean or replace doorknob locks as well as replace older keys that are constantly getting stuck or are unable to turn the lock. We can also help if your key breaks off in the lock. Our team can extract the broken half of the key and make a replacement using both halves of the broken key.

Lever & Handle Locks

Lever and handle locks are a subset of door knob locks that exist both inside and outside of homes. They are more common in building interiors and can help lock off certain rooms in your home. These are very helpful in keeping bedrooms, basements, and other areas locked and require simple installations. Lever & handle locks are also common for doorways to decks, patios, porches, and other outdoor areas. If you need new locks installed or old locks fixed/replaced a member of our team can help.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are also common in residential areas and are very effective. To install a mortise lock a small part of the door needs to be cut away so that the entire lock mechanism fits inside the door. Mortise locks are much more secure than a standard doorknob or a deadbolt lock. Because a mortise lock is installed directly into the door it is more difficult to break the lock. If you need mortise locks installed or maintained due to rust over time, our team can help.

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