Keyless Entry Door Locks


In recent years, keyless entry systems have become increasingly popular with homeowners and apartment buildings. Initially, it was only common to see keyless entry systems at businesses, but as technology has become more affordable and prevalent, many homeowners have opted for this system. There are many benefits of installing keyless entry systems including no longer needing to make spare keys or the danger of someone finding a hidden key on your property. With a keyless system, all the residents of your home can enter easily. There are a variety of systems on the market, and Bedford Lock & Key would be happy to help you install any of them.

Keypad Deadbolt Lock Installation

One of the most commonly used keyless systems is keypad deadbolt locks. Similar to a manual lock, a keypad is connected to a deadbolt that can be opened by knowing the correct combination. There are a few benefits and drawbacks to these systems. The benefit is that the homeowner will not need to carry any type of key or keyfob. However, if the code is found out by someone or you no longer want someone who knows the code to access your home/business, you will need to change the code. This can be done easily, but it will be important to let everyone who needs the new code know. This system is ideal for families and homeowners. You never have to worry about a lost or broken key, and you will no longer need keys for all your family members. This system is not ideal for businesses or the main entrance of an apartment complex.

Keyfob Touch System Installation

An alternative to a keypad is a card reader or access control system. This is usually for commercial properties and the keyless entry locks with keyfobs tend to look much more industrial and heavy duty. It may not be the best choice for the front door of your home but many businesses have keyfob scanners or tap points where simply holding the card or fob to the card reader allows for entrance. This system is better suited for property managers that want to make the main entrance of their apartment building easy to use for tenants.


Malfunctioning Or Broken Keyless System Repair

If you have a keyless entry lock thay is malfucntioning or fails to open consistently give us a call, we can assess the system and either repair or replace the malfucntioning locks. If you need immediate assistance please call us for emergency lockout services. We can then help repair or replace a keyless system that is not properly functioning. Bedford Lock & Key also provides automotive keyless locksmith services. If you require any of our services, do not hesitate to call  781 275-1597 for a free quote.

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