When it comes to your home, feeling secure is the most important thing a locksmith can provide you. Whether that means changing outside or inside locks, our team at Bedford Lock & Key can help. Our main concern is your security and providing security solutions that keep your home safe.

Affordable Master System Re-Keying

One of the benefits of a master system re-keying is that it is affordable. Instead of replacing locks with new systems, your existing locks are altered to match new keys. Pins that are already inside your locks can be changed to match a single master key. This means that new house keys can be made that can unlock all of your interior or exterior locks. We highly recommend this service for residents who have lost a key or who have had keys stolen. This is also an ideal service for families that want to have a few keys for each member of the family. Both parents and children can have single master keys that allow them to unlock or lock back, front, and side doors to the home. We also recommend this service to new homeowners. Generally, homes and businesses should be re-keyed whenever there is a change in ownership. This prevents security problems with past tenants.

Quick House Key Replacement

In the event that a spare key is broken or missing, and you do not feel that locks being changed is necessary, our team can cut a new key. As long as you have existing keys for your home, new copies can be made. Even if you haven’t lost or broken an existing key, having new keys made might be necessary as your kids grow up and need keys. It is very common that parents give keys to their kids when they are old enough to be home alone, so in the event that you need a few spare keys made, we can help.

Other Residential Locksmith Services

If you live in Massachusetts and are looking for new locks or to upgrade your home’s security system, take a look at our other residential services or contact us through our online contact form. We would love to help you find locks and safes that work for you.