After buying a new safe, many home and business owners have to decide where to put it. Safes provide great protection against the elements including fire damage and flood damage. But for many safe owners the major reason to buy a safe it to protect valuables from theft. Depending on the type of safe you purchase (see our guide to buying the right type of safe), you will need to consider where is the most secure location to keep it.

Where To Store A Standing Deposit Safe

For business owners that install a standing deposit safe, there is a bit of a conflict of interests. On the one hand, this safe will most likely store checks, revenue, and other valuable items for the business; which means it needs to be kept in a secure location. On the other hand, a deposit safe needs to be easily accessed by employees on a daily basis. That is why it is recommended that deposit safes are kept in a manager or CEO’s office. It is recommended that the room the safe is in can be locked overnight. That way during the day the safe is always in eyesight of a manager or supervisor, and at night it is protected. Some businesses take the added precaution of installing a CCTV security camera near the safe to further protect it.

Where To Store a Small Stand Alone Safes

Stand-alone safes provide the most protection against fire and water damage. Although they do not do a lot in the way of theft protection. Because a stand-alone safe is not bolted down and often not very heavy, it is common that these safes are stolen by thieves during a break-in. That is why it is important to carefully choose the location for this safe. Where you put your safe will depend on your property’s layout. Generally, the master bedroom is the first target for burglars. It is recommended to keep safes in the basement or attic area that is not easy to find. Although this may change depending on what you intend to keep in the safe. If your safe contains a firearm, you may want to keep it closer to the master bedroom. In that instance, it is recommended that you upgrade to a bolted down safe or a wall safe.


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