Locksmiths have been around since the time that locks were invented. And throughout all of the time, locksmiths have added a variety of skills and services to what they provide. At Bedford Lock & Key we often hear a lot of questions about whether or not we work with specific locks, so we wanted to cover a few of the more unique services our team can provide to our service area.

Antique Locks & Keys

Massachusetts is an older state as far as our country’s history goes. As one of the original territories that were settled, there are many family heirlooms and pieces of antiquity that are still preserved. On a few occasions, we have been asked if we can help open an antique lock or an old chest without damaging the materials. As one of Bedford and Massachusett’s leaders in locksmith and security services, we are happy to take a look at any lock issue you have. We can’t say with absolute certainty whether or not we will be able to work on a specific antique lock or make a copy of a specific antique key, but we are always interested in taking a closer look and doing our best to help.

Copying Key Fobs in Massachusetts

Another question we see a lot is whether or not we work with key fobs. A lot of apartment buildings and condos throughout Massachusetts now utilize keyless entry systems instead of standard lock and keys. There are pros and cons include the cost of replacement vs the cost of rekeying. Generally, it is easier and cheaper to replace a physical key, but it is also much easier to rekey an existing fob. We actually provide keyless security services including providing new key fobs and making copies of fobs.

Security Services

There is a misconception that a locksmith can only work on physical keys and locks. At Bedford Lock & Key we are committed to helping Massachusetts residents and business owners with a variety of security services. This includes installing or removing existing safes. Installing new locks including electronic locking mechanisms. And also helping businesses with ADA compliance. We can help install electronic doors that can be opened with the push of a button so that a building is more accessible. For more information on our services, please look through our website or contact us online. Our team is always near a phone to provide emergency lockout services, and we can always answer your questions via our online contact form.