Locksmith Services in Lincoln, MA

Lincoln Massachusetts is home to a few thousand residents. Many Lincoln homeowners commute to Worchester and Boston for their jobs. Like many of the surrounding towns, Lincoln has its own share in the Revolutionary War history. Members of Lincoln were the first to aid the soldiers at Concord during the War. Today, Lincoln is made up of almost 3,000 residential homes, apartments, and condos. That is why Bedford Lock & Key often works with Lincoln residents to keep their properties safe and secure.

Residential Locksmith in Lincoln

Whether residents need new keys, new locks, or want to install better security systems, Bedford Lock & Key can help. Our locksmiths can help you change your locks, or make spare keys for you and your roommates. Manage a property in the Lincoln area? We can get make keys for each of your tenant’s and their mailboxes. We offer affordable key cutting and lock changing services. We also provide lockout services for the Lincoln area. If your key is broken, stolen, or lost and you need to get into your home, give us a call.

Automotive Key Replacement in Lincoln

Aside from residential key cutting, Bedford Lock & Key can help with your car keys as well. Whether you need new keys made or your key has broken, our experts can help. We work with all makes and models to design new keys including electric transponders. We will use your car’s existing ignition in situations where the original key is missing to create a copy of the key.

Commercial Locksmith Services in Lincoln

For businesses in the Lincoln area, Bedford Lock & Key provides a variety of locksmith services. We can help install and remove safes to protect your company’s valuables. Whether you manage a restaurant or a retail location, having a safe is necessary for keeping money and other valuables protected. We can also help update your locks so that your business is safe during off hours.

Contact Bedford Lock & Key

Whether you need new keys, new locks, or emergency lockout services, give us a call at 781-275-1597 or fill out our online contact form. A member of our team will respond as soon as possible and send someone from our office to your home or vehicle in Lincoln if you can’t come by.