Replacement Car Keys in Bedford Massachusetts

How many spare car keys do you own? We recommend that you own at least two sets of keys for your car. That way if you ever lose or break a key, you will not be without a car. If you only have a single key or you would just like to make a spare set for another member of your family to have, the team at Bedford Lock & Key can help. Our locksmith technicians can create new physical keys as well as electronic transponders.

Spare Car Keys

If your car uses physical keys, our team would be happy to cut new ones. Assuming you have the original key we can quickly and easily duplicate your car keys with our key cutting service. If you have a broken key, we can take the pieces to form a new key, even if you no longer have the key to your car, we can help. Our team can use your existing car lock to design a new key and get you back into your car.

New Car Key Transponders

Many cars come with transponders that allow car owners to lock and unlock their car as well as cause their alarm to go off. If you lose or break a transponder, or just need a duplicate made, our team can help. Using your car’s diagnostic system we can take one of our transponders and link it to your vehicle. In some cases, transponders can stop working overtime, and if that is the case we can either replace or repair your transponder. Contact us online to learn more about transponder replacement services.

Emergency Car Lockout Service

If you are locked out of your car and need immediate service, call us at 781.275.1597. A member of our team will come out to your location and help you get back into your car right away. Whether your keys are broken, lost, or stuck inside the car, we will drive out to you with our tools to help you quickly get back on the road.