Selecting locks for your home or business can be overwhelming. There are a lot of varieties and options to
choose from. Every set of locks has its own pros and cons.


These are very common and one of the most recognizable locks. They come in different sizes and have a distinctive design that sets them apart. They are the only type of lock that does not need to be permanently attached to anything else to function properly.

Two subtypes of padlocks include combination and keyed padlocks. Combination padlocks need a numerical combination to open it. Keyed padlocks require a key to open them. There are key-retaining padlocks, which do not allow you to remove the key while the padlock is open. And there are non-key retaining padlocks that allow you to remove the key when it is open.

Padlocks aren’t high among the most secure lock-types but are cheaper, so they are accessible for low-security applications.


These are popular and often used on external doors. They come in a variety of subtypes, their primary types including single, double, and lockable thumb turn. Single cylinder deadbolts are the most popular. A key cylinder makes up the outside of the lock with a thumb turn on the inside.

Double cylinder deadbolts aren’t as popular as other options, but they are more secure. They require a key to open the door from inside and outside when it’s locked, eliminating thumb turn. It isn’t as convenient and can be dangerous in emergency situations.

There is a lockable thumb turn, and the basic design is like a single cylinder with a key cylinder on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside. It can be left in the unlocked position and lock it on your own when ready, making it one of the most versatile and secure deadbolt locks available.

Rim Latch Locks

These are big in apartment complexes. It automatically locks the door after you leave.  Unfortunately, they are easy to break through.

Knob Locks

Typical for residential areas, these are usually installed with a deadbolt on exterior doors. They shouldn’t be used as a standalone lock on exterior doors because the lock cylinder is located on the knob, not the door. These are more commonly seen being used in residential settings on interior doors.

Lever Handle Locks

These are more commonly used for commercial applications, specifically interior doors. They are also frequently used in handicap accessible areas. They are easy to open because of the push style handle.

These are only a few of the locks that exist. There are many other types of locks and a number of lock systems. For more information, or to discuss which locks are better for you, contact Bedford Lock & Key at 781-275-1597 in Bedford, MA or 978-433-5262 in Pepperell, MA.