There are many types of keys for many different types of locks. House keys and car keys are standard and easy to discern, but other keys aren’t instantly recognizable.

Double-Sided Key and Four-Sided Key

These are typically used on home locks. They are different because they have either two or four sets of teeth on them. The four-sided key is more durable, and the extra sets of teeth make the lock more difficult to pick.

Transponder Key

These keys are difficult to duplicate. Transponders are programmed to start a particular vehicle which reduces the possibility of theft. These are devices that are designed to transmit a signal from your key to a remote receiver. The transmitter is a small microchip in the plastic part of the key. A transponder key is a part of a car’s anti-theft system and prevents the car from being hotwired. If the device in the key isn’t detected, the car won’t start.

Dimple Key

A simple key that uses matching cone-shaped dimples on the key that match up with two sets of pins n the lock. These are aligned the same way on each side, so it doesn’t need to be oriented a specific way to work properly.

Paracentric Key

These open paracentric locks and are recognizable by the small teeth on the end of the key and the contorted blade shape. This is often used in prisons.

Skeleton Key

This key has a cylindrical shaft and a single toothed end that is used to open warded locks. These locks are no longer in use, so the term skeleton key has become a term for keys that can open any lock of a particular type.

Abloy Key

This key has many anti-pick features and is used on disc tumbler locks. They use a special key that rotates a disc-like tumbler, aligning them in place to unlock.

Tubular Key

A tubular key is a small, tubular key with a cylindrical shaft used to open tubular pin tumbler locks. They are typically found on vending machines and bike locks.

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