New England is filled with old homes that hold history and generations of craftsmanship. When renovating or even just repairing some aspects of these buildings, it can be tricky to get the restoration correct. Antique keys fall into that same category. This small element can add so much character to your home, but they often face removal because their mechanical components are discontinued, or their systems are difficult to understand.

Often, the locks to old pieces of furniture are met with missing keys, but there a plenty of door locks that simply need a little TLC. Parts on the inside of the lock might need to be replaced in order for the key to work properly once again.

Why restore instead of replacing?

Bedford Lock & Key can understand why you might consider an entire replacement to forget about the headache it was causing, but there are experts out there who are happy and willing to get your antique keys and locks back in order! Keep that charm and its historical integrity of your home by investing in a professional service. We provide maintenance and repairs for old fashion keys and locks to ensure their use and longevity.

Though newer locks can offer some modern-day conveniences such as key-less entry, there is nothing quite like a lock and key that was created by the locksmiths from generations before us. Not old key systems are a lost cause, and restoration can be simpler than you anticipated.

With over 40 years in the industry, Bedford Lock & Key is a go-to for antique lock and key repairs and restoration in Middlesex County. We want our customers to know they can come to us with any key needs they might have, no matter how old their system is. We will work to create a solution that works for your home and your security.

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