Plenty of people out there will use search engines with phrases like, “copy keys near me,” and choose to use the first hardware store they find. Not long after, they are reaching out to the professionals at Bedford Lock & Key and asking us why their new duplicate key isn’t working.

We understand the frustration- you paid for key cutting services, and your product doesn’t work. Fortunately, we can help you fix this issue in no time at all, but why is it that those copy keys from hardware stores just don’t work?

To start, these hardware stores don’t necessarily specialize in key cutting. With so many other departments and focuses, they could be using machines which are dated and inaccurate compared to others on the market. This gap in technology could be one of the reasons your keys don’t work properly.

Next, the expertise and precision that goes into key cutting can be lost among their employees. Though there might be certain personnel dedicated to cutting keys in their store, they could be recently trained or have never had the opportunity to use it before.

Both of these factors can impact the accuracy of the key being made, especially if the employee uses an incorrect blank or attempts to make a key from a damaged original or uses a key that has been copied many times over.

It’s always better to choose an expert whose job is focused on this one task and will ensure your keys are made the first time correctly. Our team will work with you to determine if your current keys can be copied, the best methods to do so, and will get your home, car, or business back into working order before no time.

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