With temperatures creeping up, burglary rates will be on the rise. Over two million homes are broken into across the country each year, with spikes during summer months. Thieves will be on the lookout for portable goods that will be able to sell quickly and for a profit. Securing your home’s entry points will keep you and your loved ones safe year-round.

Securing the Exterior

The first step you should take to securing the outside of your home is removing hidden spare keys. While you may think your fake rock blends in well with your landscaping and on your porch, it provides an easy way for an intruder to enter your home undetected, whenever they choose. If you need to have a spare key somewhere outside of your home, install a key lock box on your home, near an entryway. The secure box will be unlocked by entering a five-digit code of your choosing, which you can give to trusted individuals and change easily to ensure top security. A key lock box will prevent your key from being buried under snow, like a fake rock would, and keeps your key safe. Additional steps to take include trimming your shrubs and hedges enough to keep your windows fully visible and tame enough to detract potential intruders from hiding and moving heavy objects indoors so they cannot be used to break your windows.

Securing Doors & Windows

The exterior doors in your home should be reinforced with sturdy locks that will be able to prevent intruders from easily breaking in, including deadbolts and chain locks. Your deadbolts should be at least one inch thick to prevent forced entry. Adding locks with longer strike plates will reinforce your door, making it more difficult to take down with a few kicks and blows. You can add further protection to your windows by installing a metal bar along the lower track. This will prevent burglars from forcing entry with a crowbar or other leverage.

Residential & Commercial Locks in Bedford, MA

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