You’re about to go on errands or you’re trying to leave for an appointment when something strange happens: your car key won’t work. Whether it won’t turn in the ignition or just won’t start, a problem with your key can be distressing. Below are some causes of your car key woes:

Your Key is Damaged

Your car key is cut and programmed to correspond with internal components of your ignition. As your key is put into the ignition, it lines up with grooves that match with each tooth of the key. After several years of use, the teeth may begin to wear, misaligning with the ignition and the lock. Once the key is worn beyond use, it may not be able to work with your car and require replacement and reprogramming.

Your Key’s Battery is Worn Out

If your keyless entry remote or fob stop working, there is a good chance the problem is a relatively easy fix. Since your remote and key cannot be turned on and off, your battery will continuously wear over a period of time, longer than most other batteries. If your car stops responding to button commands, you should bring your key to a locksmith in order to make sure you replace the batteries with the correct size and voltage.

Your Key Has Not Been Programmed for Your Car

If you have an automotive chip key that is not responding to your vehicle, it may not have been programmed yet. This will happen more often with replacement or duplicate keys than the original. Without proper programming, you will only be able to unlock the doors and trunk directly through the lock.

Your Lock Has Been Damaged

If you manually unlock and lock your car, the internal lock will undergo some wear and tear over time. After years of constant use, the mechanism may start to fail by not being able to match up with the key. As the seasons change and the frigid Massachusetts winter goes from a short, mild spring to a hot summer, the shock from the rapid temperature change can have an effect on how the internal mechanisms fit together. You are probably not with your car at all times, and several bumps by external forces such as neighboring car doors can also affect your lock’s performance over time.

Car Key & Lock Repair, Programming & Replacement in Bedford, Lexington & Woburn, MA

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