Fall is officially here, with cooler temperatures leaving behind a layer of dew and condensation in the early morning hours and extra humidity in the air. As the temperatures continue to drop throughout the season, you may begin to notice some difficulty in getting your door locks to work properly. These issues can include:

Cold Weather Lock Problems


  • The door does not fit properly in the frame. While most doors expand in the heat, causing the door itself to get stuck in the frame and open and close directly against the floor, the cold causes the opposite effect. Freezing temperatures can cause your door to contract in the frame, causing your lock to become misaligned. An uneven lock can lead to difficulties moving a deadbolt within the mechanism and take longer to move when you are trying to open or close the door.
  • Excess moisture getting into the mechanism. With the additional moisture during the morning thaw, droplets are more likely to make their way into the keyhole, where they can freeze, rust and cause malfunctions in the lock. Since it is settled deeper in the mechanism, the moisture will not be prone to evaporating as the day gets warmer. If your lock freezes, you will need to apply a small amount of de-icing agent into the mechanism, where the ice will quickly melt and create room for your key to be inserted.
  • My key has broken inside the lock. If your lock has not been properly lubricated or your key has grown dull, there is a chance of your key breaking when you are trying to open the door. Applying a dry lubricant to the lock periodically will ensure that the amount of force required to turn the lock and key will not increase. You should also have your keys replaced with sharper duplicates every now and then if your originals begin to dull.


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