If you are leaving for a weekend and need someone to walk the dog or are not going to be home when a houseguest arrives, you may think about leaving a spare key somewhere on your property. This is frowned upon for many reasons, the main being: if a burglar can find your key, you are providing them easy access to your home without needing to break a lock or window. Many intruders are local and spend some time surveying the area before conducting a robbery. If you have your spare keys made up for your home, make sure they are consistently in safe and secure locations.

Where Shouldn’t My Spare Key Be?

If you can immediately think of a place to hide your key, there’s a good chance a burglar would look there first. You shouldn’t hide your key under a doormat, fake rocks or flower pots that may be lining your porch or entryway. This will be the first place an intruder will check for the key due to its proximity to the door. A burglar will also be sure to check your mailbox for a magnetic key holder, which can be quickly disarmed.

Where Can I Put A Spare Key Safely?

For maximum safety, you should make sure that the only people with access to the key are people you trust implicitly. If you need to keep a key on the property accessible for a pet sitter, invest in a key lockbox. A lockbox can be installed on any exterior wall on your house and locked with a combination or digital PIN. This PIN can be changed right from your cell phone immediately after the scheduled time the person who needs the key will be entering your home. You will also be able to monitor when people are accessing the lockbox, as well as who if you assign individual access codes. A combination lockbox will not offer the same level of access, but you will be able to have one access code for the system.

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