If you own or rent a home in Massachusetts you probably have a chain lock. And if you have roommates, you probably have to remember to not use the chain lock when your roommate is going to get home after you. Chain locks were always marketed as providing an extra layer of security for a home, but how secure are chain lock? And should you replace your chain lock with a deadbolt?

Do Chain Locks Work?

Very few homes come with just a chain lock. That is because a chain lock is perceived as an extra layer of security on top of a deadbolt or doorknob lock. But how much safety do chain locks provide? Well, if you open another tab and search how to unlock a chain lock on Google or YouTube you will find a few thousand DIY tricks to undoing chain locks from the outside. Hopefully, all of these guides were written for homeowners who came home to find that their roommate accidentally used the chain lock and need to get inside. But regardless, these guides show that intruders don’t even need to use a bolt cutter to slide a chain lock.

Should You Get Your Chain Locked Replaced?

To answer this question, you have to consider your home’s security. If you feel like having two locks is necessary for your home’s security, then you should probably have your chain locked replaced by a deadbolt. A deadbolt lock is much more secure and can be opened from the outside using a key. This means you get added security and do not run the risk of locking your roommates or family outside of the house.

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Locked Out of Your Apartment, Home, or Other Property?

The worst fear of any homeowner is being stuck outside late at night. Whether you have lost your key, broken your key, or your roommate has locked you out of the home, you need to get back inside. At Bedford Lock & Key, we can help you get back inside your home. We provide a 24/7 lockout service throughout the Greater Boston area. Give us a call at 781-275-1597 and will come to you.