In 2019 it really isn’t safe to hide your spare key under the welcome mat. And although there are some very creative places to hide your key around your property, it only takes a thief a few days to watch where the key is hidden. That doesn’t mean you should throw away your spare key, instead, you should learn ways to be careful with how you use spare keys. At Bedford Lock & Key we actually get asked from time to time, about how many spare keys you should have, and who should have them. That is why we wrote a quick guide to getting spare keys.

Is It Legal To Make Duplicate Keys for an Apartment

Let’s get this out of the way; you cannot ask a locksmith to make a duplicate key for your apartment if it is forbidden in your lease. However, it has become more common for apartment managers to permit spare key making. When it comes to rentals, check with your landlord and lease. To avoid legal problems, always tell your landlord when you are having a duplicate key made or if you need to have locks changed because of a lost key. Many apartments have a clause around key making that the landlord must be notified so they know how many keys to expect when you move out.

How Many Duplicate Keys Should You Have

A general rule of thumb is that you should have a key for every occupant of your home or apartment, plus one spare key. The extra spare key should be kept in your car or with a trusted friend/sibling. If you are wondering about getting a spare key for a significant other, there are a few things to consider. First, if you have roommates, make sure they all agree that it is ok for your significant other to have a key. If you live alone, you are free to give spare keys to whoever you want, but you should consider the length of the relationship and if this is the right step for you. In cases where an ex has a key, you should have your locks changed as soon as possible.

When Should Kids Get A Spare Key

If you are wondering when to make a new key for your children, consider when they will need it. Traditionally, children get their key around the time they get their driver’s license. However, as two-income families become more common, it makes sense to give a key to the oldest child if they will be arriving home before their parents. Once again, it is not recommended that you hide a key for them to use, because it only takes a home invader a few days to watch where the key is hidden.


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