Mailbox & Mail Slot Locks

There are many reasons that a homeowner would want a mailbox or mail slow lock. A lot of important documents can come from the mail, and it is important to make sure your mail stays in your possession. Not only do you not want to lose any of your own mail, but lost mail could be used in identity theft or to steal bank information. For that reason, many homeowners throughout Massachusetts have gotten mailbox and mail slot locks installed on their property.

Mailbox Lock Installation in Bedford

As the name suggests a mailbox lock is designed to keep your mailbox safe from thieves. There are a variety of locks that we can install for your mailbox. And for apartment units or condos we can install a group of locked mailboxes inside the foyer or lobby area so that the tenants can easily get their mail. For apartment buildings and condo units, it is important to keep mail secure behind locks so that there is never an issue of a neighbor accidentally taking and possibly disposing of their neighbor’s mail. To get a quote on installing locked mailboxes or adding a lock to an existing mailbox contact us online.

Mailslot Protection & Lock Installation

Many homes throughout Massachusetts have built-in mail slots. It is a convenient way for residents to get their mail without worrying about their mail being taken out of their mailbox. However, there actually can be security concerns linked to a mailslot. Some thieves have used special tools to use the mail slot in a front doorway so that they can unlock the door and sneak into the home. That is why it is important to have any mailslot installation handled by an experienced locksmith that can put the slot the right distance away from the doorknob. On top of that, adding a lock to the mail slot or a second deadbolt to the door with a mail slot can improve your home’s overall security.

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For more information about adding security for your mailbox or mail slot, contact us online. Our team would be happy to provide you a free quote for installing new security measures for your home or business in the Massachusetts area.